Welcome to my new endeavor.  Slightly scarey, slightly anxious, slightly EXCITING!.  To be my own boss, and to be responsible for my own creativity is thrilling.  I invite you to come along and share this journey with me.  If you're curious about me, contact me.  I love meeting and talking to you people!

Hardcore Trainer | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

April 28, 2017
Hardcore Trainer Like last year, with Craig Capurso, this year I looked for the hardest workout program I could find to tackle. Thanks to a friend, I found Kris Gethin a...
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Coach Koch

April 27, 2017
I got news this morning that a great man past away. He was Jack, but to those of us who grew up in Parchment, Michigan, he was simply, Coach Koch. Whether he was aware o...
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The Great Hall | St. Paul Wedding Photographer

April 25, 2017
Jennifer and Dan The Great Hall, St. Paul, Minnesota Jennifer and Dan recently got married at the beautiful Great Hall in St. Paul. The Great Hall is an Art-Deco inspir...
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Diabetes | Midwest Wedding Photographer

April 21, 2017
Diabetes Midwest Wedding Photography So, straight up front, I'm diabetic. I've had Diabetes so long that I don't really remember life before Diabetes. I can't even tell...
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Wedding Wednesday | Making your Wedding Day Perfect

April 19, 2017
Making your Wedding Day Perfect! More than likely, you've been planning your wedding day since you were young. And if not that long, since you met the person that you th...
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