How to Get the Best |The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer

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Getting the Best

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Photographer


  As you start to plan your wedding, it becomes pretty obvious, it's expensive.  Between the dress, flowers, venue, catering, and photography, there's only so much money to spend (unless you have a trust fund to pay for it all).  Sooner or later, it comes time to try to fit what you want, into the budget you have.

   Throughout the years I have talked to several brides, both friends and acquaintances, and the one thing they regret is that they wished they would have spent more on the wedding photography.  Whether that means they would have had a second photographer, more hours of photography;  or even prints and an album - a new family's first heirloom.

A Formal Bridal SessionA Formal Bridal SessionThe beautiful Historic Concord Exchange was the perfect location for a formal bridal session.


   When your wedding is over, the thank you notes written, and the flowers are dried out, you have 2 things left from your day: your jewelry and your photographs.  Why trust those images to someone who isn't a proven professional?  We at Memories in Time Photography pride ourselves on capturing the Memories of your day in stunning detail.  All of our collections are complete with 2 professional photographers, numerous hours of photography, and a customized Wedding Album. (and, yes, our collections come with an engagement session!)

    "I wish I would have increased my budget.  Because I would only pay for one photographer, I missed images that would have been captured by a second"

   It's true, one photographer can only be in so many places.  We, at Memories in Time Photography, don't want to "pick and choose" which moments are most important.  We have two photographers so we can capture ALL the Memories; all the moments that you want to remember for a lifetime.



   "This was his expensive hobby, I should have hired someone who took my day a little more seriously."

  Don't worry, your day is just as important to us as it is to you.  Because of this, we offer a complimentary pre-wedding session so we can get to know the two of you.  We want you to be relaxed in front of the camera.  We use professional grade equipment and have back-up equipment so you don't need to worry if something isn't working.  We bring the best, so you can have the best.    I have invested numerous hours and thousands of dollars on equipment and continuing education to provide my clients with the best possible images on their wedding day.

   "I wish I would have gotten an album, or at least a few prints...My flashdrive is missing; I really don't have anything to show for my wedding 5 years ago"

   All of our collections come with an album; some come with additional parents' albums and prints.  Are you going to put your Flash Drive on the wall?  Our albums really will be your first family heirloom.  Something you will sit down with your grandchildren and share.  Having your images on your computer is nice, but computers have issues, files get damaged, images do go missing.  Who knows what technology will bring us in the next 25-50 years, with an album in your hand, and prints on your wall, you have tangible items to hold, show off and share.


   Your wedding day only happens once; make sure you hire a wedding photographer who gets it right. Hire Memories in Time Photography for your wedding day.  We will get it right.  With over 15 years of wedding experience we have the knowledge to get the portraits that you want.  Remember: Memories in Time, capturing your Memories... beautifully.


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