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The Importance of Visualization

  As a trained Therapist, and a life-long athlete, I completely believe in the use of visualization to help people reach their goals, both athletically, personally and professionally.  I know that when I visualize my workout, both while writing it up and during the few minutes I drink my pre-workout, that it's a much better workout then when I don't invest the time and effort.  Because of this visualization, I've been able to add 50# to my deadlift, and that's not even mentioning the various other exercises I do on a weekly basis that have seen strength improvements.


   Take a few moments before you next hit the gym focusing on what you want to accomplish.  Actually picture it in your mind, what it feels like, what you have for your goal, the sounds, the smells (yes, there ARE smells in the gym).  Everything that is part of the workout experience for you.  This technique is more than just for weightlifting, it can be for running, swimming, lacrosse, etc.  In the realm of professional development, imagine the success of the business meeting, presenting a sales pitch, or even your goals for your business for the year.

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