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February 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Week 2

   I go and workout at 5AM.  Monday's will be my official weigh in day.  So, I guess this means that I need to report.  Diet is going well this week, Workouts are ROCKIN' and cardio is going good.  I'm happy to report a 5.5# loss this week!  YES!!

  Day 1/8:  Chest:  OH SHIT!!  What did I do?  Went to start on Single Arm Cables, but OMG, that left arm is having nothing to do with it!  Anything moving from Lateral to Medial isn't going to happen today.  Time for a new game plan...

   Day 2/9: Back:  Saw some strength gains.  It's been a while..

   Day 3/10:  Strength gains in arms.  Hello Beastie side of life.

   Day 4/11:  Hello Legs!  Did you know I love you.  I love the tendon that flexes down the back of my hammie to my knee.  I'm going to be sore in a few hours, but that's ok.

   Day 5/12: Shoulders:  My Left delt is still hurting, so I'm going to push through this smartly. 

   Day 6/13:  Arms and Abs (oh yeah, and I forgot calves):  I miss long runs, I'm not getting them in.  After lifting I'm going to pound out 3 miles.

  Day7/14:  DOR  Wedding Fair.  I'm worried!

Wedding Fair!Wedding Fair!

   I'll admit, my diet hasn't been as good this week.  I'm taking in a little more carbs then I should, am I'm just "phoning it in" with cardio.  I'd give this week a B, not even a B+.  Life will always get in the way, you just have to learn to jump over it!


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