30 Days with Craig | Week 3 | MN Wedding Photographer

February 12, 2016  •  1 Comment

Week 3

   Good morning 5AM.  You'd think this would be hard for most people, but I've been a member of the 5AM club for as long as I can remember.  I like 5AM.  I get my workout done before the rush of the day, and I'm ready to go.  Weigh in wasn't as good as I would have liked, BUT I'm down another 1.5#  Two weeks of the program and I'm down 7#.  I can't complain!  I dealt with a wedding fair the day before, and actually didn't try as many samples as usual.  It's a win!

Day 15: Chest:  Did I ever say how much I LOVE Svend presses?  The Delt pain from last week is gone, so this was a good day.  I added a finishing set of Chest presses: 2 inclines, 1 flat, 1 decline.  You move rapidly between sets with little to no rest between.  It's a good set

Day 16: Back:  Went well, saw strength gains, added Straight Arm Pushdowns.  It's all good

Day 17: Arms/Abs/Calves:  Did I see the start of my horsehoe?

Day 18: Legs:  Yes, my legs!  Love them.  Hit my 1-rep max on leg press 300#  Yes, I AM an Amazon Warrior

Day 19: Shoulders:  Let's just say, I HATE working these, but a woman with a great set of delts is sexy as Hell!

Day 20: Arms/Abs/Calves:  Strength increases again.  I gain fast in my arms.  Actually, when I push myself, I gain well in all body parts.

Day21:  DOR's should be DOR's, but for me, since it's booking season, I'm at a wedding fair.  Little "bites, licks, and tastes" are always hard for me.

   I truly wish I would have started with my BF percentage.  I'm looking at a hand-held gauge, but I haven't bought it yet..  I know the scale isnt' dropping fast, but I have no idea fat's burning muscle is forming!

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Craig Capurso(non-registered)
Another great recap.. Keep it going.. I am working on the next version with some twists you will enjoy.. Cheers
Craig C
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