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May 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

Another 30 Days With Craig

   For those of you who didn't follow me the first time around, a little refresher about me from an activity point of view.  I grew up like most kids , running around all day and as late as our mothers' would let us stay out.  That changed somewhat when I was diagnosed with Diabetes while I was still in elementary school.  Diabetic kids were considered "fragile" and although exercise and movements was considered good, you were told to be careful.  I didn't know any other diabetic kids, and the few I did know were fairly unhealthy; in and out of the hospital as often as every 6 weeks, or even really adults to compare myself to.  So after some issues with anorexia and fear of eating food, I started to sit on the sidelines and watch the world pass me by.

At some point in my life, I became an "Aerobic Annie".  AKA, a much in demand aerobic instructor.  Teaching at 2 different clubs, 12-15 classes a week that were often packed to the point of being crowded.  I LOVED being active.  Life was good, I was a student, physically active, and lived life for all it's worth.

  Now it's 2016.  My weight has yo-yo'd. To be honest, I don't know a lot of people my age who hasn't, but I know I can do better.  I'm lucky, while all the diabetic kids I have met are either dealing with numerous health issues or sadly, even dead, I'm good.  I don't have any complications.  My bloodwork is GREAT, I feel good, I just want to get back to having the toned bod I had almost 20 years ago, only, I want the 2016 version of what that body would be.

  Here is where Craig Capurso comes in.  I LOVE going to the gym, and I can honestly say that, at this point in my life, I have spent more days in the gym then days, I'm not in the gym.  But I like challenge, and so thanks to, I'm took on Craig's 30 Day Transformation one more time.  You can check in out here:

   To give you a heads up to my routine it looks something like this:

       Mondays: Chest

       Tuesdays: Back

       Wednesdays: Arms, Abs and Calves

       Thursdays: Legs (My FAVORITE BODY PART!!!)

       Fridays: Shoulders (My LEAST favorite body part, but the one that comes in first)

      Saturdays: Arms, Abs, and Calves

      Sundays:  For the most part this is technically a DOR (Day of Rest), but I have found a deep love in running, so I go out and run on those days.  Although Day 28 is a kick-ass cardio session... This time around I was prepared!!


   Are you ready to follow along?  This is my intro but the next few Fridays will let you know how it all went, including the crisis at Day 9.




Get it girly! I may peek at this challenge and see what it's all about. My shoulders have come in which has given me a whole new drive!
Craig C(non-registered)
Good luck round 2.. I may suggest although it is not free you look at Fury which is made as version 2 of this trainer for variety along with all my other programs...
Craig Capurso
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