Week 1 /Round 2/ 30 Days with Craig

May 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Week 1/Round 2

30 Days with Craig

  So for the record my weeks will go like this:

Mondays: Chest  YES, love this!!

Tuesdays: Back  OK, I'm adding assisted Pull-ups!  These are tough, but I'm going to do this!

Wednesday: Arms, Abs and Calves

Thursday: Legs  Oh my legs, my strong beautiful legs

Friday: Shoulders  YUCK!!  The weakest body part!

Saturdays: Arms, Abs and Calves, again


   For this time around, I decided that I would "up" everything; more weights, more movements, just MORE...  Including, TABATA intervals between EVERY set.  20 seconds  of High Intensity movement with a 10 second break...  It's intense, it keeps my heart rate up, and I simply LOVE it!!!

   And to be up front, I started this 30 days at 158.5 ~ 31.2 % BF   which means 49.5# of fat, 109# of muscle.  First week went well.


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