Week 2/Round 2/30 Days with Craig

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Week 2/Round 2

30 Days with Craig

Day 8 Monday:  Chest - I can definitely see some strength increase

Day 9 Tuesday: Back - I added assisted Pull Ups this time around...

  But I warned you... something disastrous happened on Day 9.  I fell, and I fell hard.  I landed to the right of my sternum on my rib cage.  I laid there for about 5 minutes, the pain was intense and I didn't want to move.  A trip confirmed, 3 broken ribs..  In case you didn't know, there's nothing they can do for broken ribs.  You can wrap them, but there's still a lot of pain. Coughing, Moving, you name it.  This greatly slowed down my ability to REALLY push myself.  HIIT between sets

Day 10 Wednesday:  This just hurts!  Should have been Arms/Abs/Calves and I did some, but not at the intensity that I like..

Day 11 Thursday: Legs!!  I added Reverse Hypers.  LOVE them!

Day 12 Friday: Shoulders.  My weakest part, but I'm going to get them stronger

Day 13 Saturday: Arms/Abs/Calves

Day 14 Sunday:  This is suppose to be a day of rest, but I'm going to run, the best that I can holding my ribs...


   All in all, a disappointing 2nd week.  It's not that I didn't give it my all, because I did.  It's just my "all" because of my injury, wasn't my all.

  I just want to mention a few things that are getting me through this.  This week, we'll talk about my favorite protein powder, Chocolate Cake Batter by Dymatize Nutrition.    I mix my protein shakes with 4oz of water, 4oz of non-fat milk, and to make it extra special, I add a little Sugar Free Caramel Syrup.  I add a little ice and blend it with my Nutri-bullet, and then top with a little canned whipped cream.  It tastes indulgent, but it's VERY low carb and high in protein.


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