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April 07, 2017  •  3 Comments

Hit My BIG Goal!

  I've had this dream...  To weigh what I did on the day I got married..  I'll be honest, the engagement parties, the food tasting, the excitement and the additional family celebrations (not to mention that I worked full time and was a full time Graduate Student) had put a little weight on prior to the wedding.  Still, I haven't seen that weight since that day, and so it became my first BIG target.

A Health Conscious PhotographerA photographer's journal to health

   I don't do anything wild, no starvation diets, no endless hours in the gym (well, that's the norm for me...), no wraps, not pills, no expensive shakes.  I do have protein shakes, but not something over priced.  I don't get enough protein without them!  Two weeks ago, I hit my goal!

Look at those Legs!!A photographer's journal to health

   My ultimate goal?  I think it would be fun to compete in physique.  I had the personality to pull it off...  But I'm honest, I have something standing in my way.. My lower abs.  I'll explain that in my next fitness focused blog...

Time for smaller pants!Time for smaller pants!A photographer's journal to health

   I need to get some new pants.  I had saved these thinking that I would wear them again when I got smaller...  Well, I zoomed by this size...  I think it's time I go shop!


   Please leave me comments of support and encouragement..  It pushes me onward.  THANKS!!



Nice blog and post. Keep up the great work!
Ron Melby
Love that you feel so good about yourself that you flash the gym, when are we going shopping?
Blog looks great sis! Love it!
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