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January 31, 2021

Aaron and Michelle

  Social Media is making the world a smaller place.  I met Michelle through Instagram.  A truly delightful woman who lived in the UK.  I watched her life and I watched her fall in love with a man.  A man who just happened to live here in Minnesota.  Through the distance, and with an ocean apart, we became friends.  As fate would have it, she was becoming engaged to this Minnesotan and had plans on moving here.  Guess who they chose to capture their love in images?

 This is the story of how they met, fell in love and became engaged in Michelle's own words...

Snowy Winter Engagement pictures with the British FlagSnowy Winter Engagement Images | Minnesota Wedding PhotographerA Snowy Winter Engagement Session at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Aaron & I met romantically through my pink leggings profile pic on Instagram. He says my cute peach was what first attracted me to him .. we started chatting and never stopped.

From the beginning there was a click , a spark and I would get butterflies knowing he had sent me a message... it felt lovely to share things with each other and to be loving .

Having a relationship through a pandemic, a long distance one as well with a 6 hour time distance would prove challenging to some , but we made it work ... my bedtime was Aaron’s breakfast , my dinner was his lunch ..  we made it work for us and shared our lives together as much we could until we knew we could meet physically .

We understood each other , in a way no one else could and both of us feel it was fate that we met and really from the first day, could not imagine a life without each other ..

We shared our breakfasts , I had introduced healthy eating to Aaron and I loved that he continued this , we shared our love of music and our song is REM, "The One I Love". We love 80-90’s-00’s indie music , we joke that if one of us had been into jazz it may not have worked .. ha ha !

We had date nights , watched films our first film was "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", went walking together, ate snacks , even meals , all thousands of miles apart. Aaron brightened up my day and I made him so happy he says ...

We shared jokes , British/American humor and we both loved how we pronounced words differently...

We were both finally able to meet in Bermuda and this was the place of our first physical first date ...

Aaron waited for 4 hours nervously at the airport, I had butterflies but as soon as we saw each other and kissed we knew that this was was meant to be ....

Aaron said I was even more beautiful in real life and I was very attracted to Aaron, just love how tall he is , at 6”4 .

In Aaron I have found a wonderful man who is not only handsome, but kind, thoughtful and generous. He is so loving and tactile too, in fact I feel home when I am in his arms .

Aaron proposed in Bermuda on our second trip to the island, he got down on knee under a moongate, this symbolizes love and good fortune to newly weds . It was a beautiful proposal and I said yes because I want to spend the rest of my life with him, he makes me feel so happy .

We celebrated with champagne and a dinner on the beach with a glorious sunset .


Aaron says he has never felt so loved in his life and that I have brought a lot of happiness to his life . He thinks I am pure sex to him. I absolutely love this!

A couple poses for their Snowy Engagement Session by Minneapolis Wedding Photographer, Memories in Time PhotographyA Winter Engagement Session | Minneapolis Wedding PhotographyA Beautiful Winter Engagement Session at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

I consider Michelle and Aaron friends.  I can't wait to share in their lives together and their wedding ceremony later this year.  I am blessed that my clients become life long friends.

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