Are you looking for a photographer that is inclusive?  That not only accepts the LGBTQ+ community, but embraces the community with wide open arms?

If you are, then you really don't need to look any further!

I grew up in a family with accepting parents (likely more my mom than my dad). My mom did have her gay friends, and the drag queens in our house.  I remember thinking that I wished I knew how to do makeup like that!  To me, my exposure to the world of LGBTQ+ was normal.

When our country didn't allow Same Sex weddings, I couldn't figure out why, love truly is love, and so I began to photograph their commitment ceremonies prior to their right to legally marry.

I support families who are supporting children who are navigating the world that can, at times, be loving and accepting, while at other times, less supportive and hate-filled.  I photograph the High School Senior who are introduced by their pronouns so I will know their growing identity.

If you have any questions, please respond to my chat widget in the lower right corner.  I'll get back to ASAP!