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January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Wedding Photographer

Gets Fit!

  My local gym has a "New Year, New You"  Challenge going on.  I wasn't going to enter it.  I don't really need a local challenge, I'm doing the BodyBuilding.com's $250,000 Transformation Challenge.  That will motivate me enough.

  But then I stopped and talked to Missy who's in charge of Fitness stuff at my gym.  It's only $20, you get a biometric screening at the beginning and at the end (the generally are $25 a piece), a Session with a Personal Trainer (I'm going with the other Missy) and a Coaching session.  I decided, well, what the heck, it's only $20!

   So last week, I followed the direction of no workouts within 12 hours, no caffeine 6-12 hours, and no water 4 hours before the test.  I don't remember all the numbers, but it tested my visceral fat (the fat around your organs), and that was important to me!  Happily, that tested low! (YESSSSS!)

   The results on this did NOT make me happy, and it's SO hard to believe it's anywhere near being right.  I was tested 3 different ways, all withn a few hours.

         The Gym's Omron: 36.6%

         A Different Omron: 28.8%

         Skin Caliper's: 25.8%

   Now people, I have obliques, and a 2-pack, there is NO WAY that I'm at 36%!!!  It's not a vanity thing, it's just not possible with my level of definition.

  Here's to kicking it big and strong in 2018.  If there's anyone who is reading this that needs a little support and encouragement, send me a text, and e-mail or even hit me up on Instagram!


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