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30 Days with Craig | Week 1 | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

January 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Week 1

  Day 1:  So I spent last night, reading all of the details, figuring out the eating plan (which to be honest, I'm following my own keto diet), watching the videos for the week #1.  Hopped on the scale at 4:42AM, and headed to the gym.  Blood sugar was a good 88, but because it's weight lifting it will go up so between cardio and weights, I'll take some insulin.  CHEST Day!  Love to work the chest.  New move, Svend Presses.  I like those!  See it here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/search/#/?q=Svend%20Presses

   Day 2: BACK!  I'll admit, my strength is in my legs, my weaknesses is my shoulders.  I like nice lats on women, so I'm pushing this.  There's a lot of lateral alternating moves in this program.  I'm liking the variety.  Tabatas are going well, but I'm having time getting in steady state cardio with my morning schedule.  I think I'm going to be doing a few days of "two-a-days"...

   Day 3:  Arms and Abs:  YES!  LOVE this day.  My "horseshoe" comes in fast when I eat clean

   Day 4:  So far, the DOMS hasn't been bad.  This will change with today's workout: LEGS!!  Yes, I'm strong there, but I'm going to push myself to go deeper on my squats and lunges, and really push the weight on everything.  LOVED the 1-leg Leg Extensions, and Glutes Bridges - this girl's got it!

   Day 5:  OMG, I'm in pure pain!  HELP me!!!  Somewhere about 5 hours after the workout yesterday, I realized I'm dying here.  What the HEll did I do to my legs.  Someone needs to pull me up!  5AM called for Shoulders, my weakest body part.

  Day 6: Another day of Arms and Abs.  I love doing full leg lifts while balancing my ass on a Swiss Ball.

   Day 7:  DAY OF REST!!  Oh, thank God, I need this.  I slept in to 7, I was a happy girl!

  First week done and in the can.  Tomorrow, I'll weigh in!




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