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Hardcore Trainer Week 4 | Midwest Wedding

May 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

Kris Gethin's

8 Week Hardcore

Week 4

  So, I'm into week 4.  I'll say it's tough, but it a different way then the programs I've followed before.  It's ALWAYS the diet, ALWAYS!  I can kill it in the gym, but somehow and for some reason, I can't make that transition to eating well.  This is a moderate carb/moderate protein/low fat program.  Carb intake drops as the weeks go on to be more like a bodybuilding comp prep diet.

Motivation | Fitspiration | Minnesota PhotographerMotivation | Fitspiration | Minnesota PhotographerMy quest for fitness, a lower BF% and great muscle definition

   My issue with this?  I'm diabetic (yes, I know, I've addressed this!),  Carbs mean more insulin, more insulin means more fat storage.  Although it's true that everything you eat, even that 16oz porterhouse, breaks down eventually into glucose in the body.  Carbs just break down faster resulting in a blood sugar spike that requires more insulin.

  And it's wedding season!  Last week's wedding (see this week's Wedding Wednesday blog here: Kory and Crysta's Wedding )  was my Heaven.  I have this thing about Caramel Corn, and they actually had a Caramel Corn bar.  I tried to avoid it, but couldn't! Then to make it worse, there was fresh hot cinnamon coffee cake and sushi for lunch!

Caramel Corn | Midwest WeddingCaramel Corn | Midwest WeddingMy Kryptonite!

   Then there's the fact that I'm doing 35 minutes of cardio twice a day, Tuesday, I left the house at 8am and didn't get home until 9PM.  Sadly, I didn't manage that second cardio.  And finally, it's the template for this week, that EVERY muscle group gets worked unilaterally.  What usually takes about 45-50 minutes when sides are worked together, this week, I'm looking at about 75 minutes before I even get to the 35 minutes of cardio.

I've got this! | Chaska PhotographerI've got this! | Chaska PhotographerMy quest for fitness, a lower BF% and great muscle definition

  There is some good news here.  In a year, although I weigh the same, my body fat % went from 29.6% to 26.6%!  That's a change from 45.3# of fat to 40.7# and a LBM of 107.7# to currently 112.3#  It's a change in the right direction, but I can do better!



I've never changed my diet when doing these workouts. I just like the workout part. To try different types of lifting to see what works with my body. You should stick to a diet that works for you. These people aren't really making a diet for you, so stick to what you know.
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