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Winter Engagement Sessions

  Did you just get engaged?  If so, Congratulations!  Have you thought about your Engagement photos? WAIT!  WHAT?!!

   You might not have thought that far yet, or maybe you have, but you're thinking that it's cold and snowy out and the LAST thing you want is to spend time outdoors getting your pictures taken..

   But why not?  Do you live in the Heart of BOLD NORTH?  Are you a Midwestern, and as a Midwestern, haven't we all learned to deal with our weather, from -10 to 96?

   I'll admit, I LOVE Winter!  Of course, why wouldn't I?  Winter IS my last name.  I was born during a snowstorm, and yes, so were my two kids.  I love snowy activities; walking in the crisp air, building snowmen, making snow angels, and drinking hot cocoa by a fire.

An engaged couple kisses during their engagement sessionA Winter KissA Couple kisses in the Winter

   If you're thinking about a Winter session, here are a few tips.  First, dress warm.  There really isn't anything overly cute about red, runny noses, or shivering teeth!  Think layers, Hats for closer to the end of your session (we don't want to mess up you hair), ear muffs, scarves, cute mittens and gloves, and blankets!  Coats should compliment each other, whether they are both sport like (think ski coats), casual (something you would wear to go to Target in) or dressy (a long winter coat that you would wear on a night out on a town).

   Second, don't forget to keep your feet warm!  There are so many stylish boots for both guys and gals that it should be easy to find something super for your engagement session.

A Romantic Winter Engagement SessionRomance in the WinterA quite moment capture during a Winter Session

   Third, ask your photographer if there is a place to change.  If so, great, plan to change!  Do part of your session in fun casual clothes, both outwear and your coats, and the last part, in dressy outfits!  It's a GREAT way to get several looks in a short time.

  Fourth, have nice nails!  This goes for both the ladies and the guys!  If your photographer chooses to do ring shots that include your hands, you'll be glad you spent some time buffing your nails and getting a fresh coat of polish!

A couple cuddles during their Winter Engagement SessionSnowy Winter Engagement SessionWinter makes a beautiful time for Engagement Photos

  And finally, fifth, (because I think that's enough for now but if you want to read more, search my blogs for Engagement Sessions and you'll get more!) Think about props!  The box your engagement ring came in, a sign with your wedding date, maybe even a souvenir from your first date!

A beautiful couple in love during their engagement sessionLove in the WinterA Beautiful moment captured during an engagement session

   Our Wedding Packages include engagement sessions.  We offer this service because it truly is the BEST way to get to know your photographer and start the process of getting in front of the camera that's going to photograph your wedding.  We find this combo produces the most natural and relaxed wedding images for one of the most important events in your life.  If you want to learn more, just reach out and send us a text at 952 288-8617 or feel free to DM us through Instagram!


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