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  Tips for your Senior Portrait Session

    Just a few simple tips and pointers will help make the difference between average portraits and FABULOUS portraits.  These ideas will help get you on your way to looking your best.

   First off, let's make sure you get ample sleep the night before.  There's nothing like yawns and dark circles under your eyes to dull your images and the experience.  Next, have FUN!  This is going to be a great experience, something that you're going to want to tell your friends.  Personally, we think we're kind of fun to be around, and since we'll direct you on how to pose, you won't have to worry about how you're going to look. (and yes, the more awkward and uncomfortable you feel, the better the shot!)

  There's no one who has your same style, so play it up.  You can follow our basic suggestions while still being true to yourself.  Bring variety.  If we're going to photograph you in 3 outfits, don't have them be 3 pairs of jeans and 3 t-shirt. For guys, you might want to bring a pair of khaki's, and a nice button-down shirt, or even bring your sports uniform! For the ladies, think dresses, shorts, leggings - whatever makes you feel comfortable AND amazing!  One thing that's important:  make sure all of your items fit - not too tight, not too loose.  Nothing can wreck your look faster than clothes that don't fit right.  Another thing for the girls, think about straps that show and wear a neutral color bra so it doesn't show under your clothes!

  Come with clean nails!  Sorry, they're going to be in the picture whether you're male or female.  Ladies, keep your nails toned down, and don't forget your toes.  We often go barefoot!

  Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed.  It's not any fun to put on an outfit and find that there's a stain on it, or that it could really use some time with an iron.  It's a good idea to hang each outfit on a hanger and include a bag with any additional items you may need for it (belts, pins, socks, shoes, jewelry, etc.)

  Think about colors.  What do you look great in?  What makes you feel fabulous?  Think about what looks great with your complexion and hair color.  Avoid pure white shirts unless you're adding a touch of color.  White tends to drain all the color out of your face.

 If you're planning on getting a haircut or trying a new style, do it 2-3 weeks prior to your session.  Nothing's worse than having a style that you don't like.  If there's something we should know about your hair, tell us.  If you want to make hair changes during your session, it should be quick.  Bring HAIRSPRAY, clips, pins, a comb or brush for quick touch-ups.  Do NOT make drastic changes to your hairstyle right before your session. (Notice that hairspray is in all caps and bolded - this is definitely a requirement.  There is an additional charge for photoshopping a lot of stray and fly-away hair!)

  A Special note for the girls: We already talked about straps, but let's talk about if you're wearing a dress or skirt.  Consider wearing something underneath that will give us maximum flexibility in what we do with the minimum of possibility of embarrassment.  Some girls wear spandex underneath - this is a GREAT idea.  You know best what the possibilities might be.  Also, if you wear a skin toned tank  it makes it easier if we need to change in the car.  Think about makeup, when it's well applied, it really adds to your session.  It will even out your skin tone and help your complexion to look its best.  If possible apply your makeup a little heavier than usual.  If you would like ideas on Make-up artists, ask me.  My Class of 2016 Spokesmodels ALL had professional makeup and hair, and to be honest, they look STUNNING! This is a once in a lifetime experience - splurge a little!

   Don't forget about props!  An instrument, letter-jacket, sports equipment and uniforms, your pet... even your car!  If you have it, we'll find a way and a place to use it.  These items represent you and are great additions to your images.  Maybe you're a dancer, bring your tap, jazz or toe shoes! (and if bring a costume - we'll ROCK this!)


  Don't worry about the clouds.  They actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions.  Falling rain, though, is an issue, and if it's raining we will have to reschedule without a charge.  We will try to contact you, but please call us at 952.288.8627 if you have any doubts or concerns.

 Finally, relax and have fun.  We're here to pamper you and to make your experience FABULOUS!  Our price for Class of 2017 Sessions are $150.  Book in June for any available dates Monday-Friday for $100, Book in July for any available dates for $125.


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