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30 Days with Craig | Week 4 | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

March 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

Week 4

  I can see the end in site!  I'm tired, I'm exhausted...  Weigh in only brought a loss of another pound..  yeah, I get it, it's 8# total in 3 weeks, but still.  I feel like I'm pushing it to the very limits.  This is the last week of pure lifting according to the program as it's written.  I've got to do this!!!

Day 22: Chest:  I'm going to miss this - the Svend Press.  It's going to go into my favorites.

Day 23: Back:  What to say?  I'm doing it - leave me alone right now!

Day 24: Arms/Abs/Calves:  Yeah strength gains in my tri's!

Day 25: Legs:  I added Frogs, several different positions of reverse extensions - think Supermans on a Swiss Ball!

Day 26: Shoulders:  Shrugs make those traps pop.

Day 27: Arms/Abs/Calves:  I'm tired, really I am... Someone do this for me, but then, I'd have to tell my friends on My Fitness Pal, I failed, and I won't do that!

Day 28:  HIIT CARDIO   Mentally, I'm strong, like the Amazon Princess I am. But Physically, I'm spent. Three more workouts to go, the 3 that will push me beyond belief. The last out of 30, and meant to test me physically, mentally and spiritually. Yesterday, I was a ball of shivering goo, the Army Ranger in the last mile of a 25 mile hike carrying a 50# rucksack. Today, rested and yet depleted. I WILL accomplish this. Why? Because I was told, "women don't do this workout", and "Rarely do people in their 40's do this, male of female". The world hasn't met me, and I'm a whole different breed!

My fight song for today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw

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Craig Capurso(non-registered)
Great job.. I like how you went about blogging this in thoughts. I think I am going to use the style for a blog story of my own.. Great going.. Get ready for the next one April 1st... Are you ready
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