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Minnesota Wedding Photographer | Happy Anniversary!

October 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Anniversary!

  Today is my 27th Wedding Anniversary.  The day is the 89th Anniversary of my Grandparents, Carol and Jake.  Yes, I got married on my grandparents anniversary. Although I was little when Jake died, my Grandmother was my world, and I wanted to share something special with her. So, I got married on her wedding date.  I love the part in my wedding video when my cousin Dawn is mentioning that to Al, my photographer.  My grandmother was literally beaming!

   This has been a hard year.  Like all couples, we're having our ups and downs.  When our children were born, we became about them.  Now that our children are about to be adults on their own (we have one living in the UK, the other is enjoying his senior year in high school), we face being alone together again.  We have both changed from the young adults when we married.  Alone time seems strange.  Let's be honest, young alone time is pretty much about sex and dates, or talking about sex, kissing and hand holding whenever you can.  Older alone time doesn't seem to have the passion or the energy...

   Mike deserves someone better...  He tolerates me and my spontaneous energy surges.  My need for attention is hard on him.  I'm social, I want to dance, be at a great beach somewhere.  I like to go to bars that are loud, listen to a good band, and people watch.  He likes the mountains, I like the beach.  (But I have to be honest, Minnesota, despite the 10,000 lakes, is not a quality beach state.  I like BIG bodies of water; the ocean, Lake Michigan.  We just don't have it here!

    How did other couples survive this empty nest period?  Give me some tips in the comment box.

  And you can see my anniversary blog from 2 years ago here: 25 Years


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